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FUR COATS & JACKETS plus a whole lot more!

Enjoy this extensive site, and discover at your convenience a great framework for online browsing and easy "no hustle" shopping for fur coats, shearlings, leathers, handbags and accessories, luxury outerwear, home decor and much more.

You will find some of the most famous luxury fur coats, shearlings, leather, specialty outerwear, handbag and accessories, plus home decor, in our extensive online catalogue or at a "brick and mortar" store near you. Many of our family owned and operated stores are internationally renowned and have been pillars of their respective communities for two, three and four generations. Your local specialty fur, shearlings, luxury outrwear, home decor or handbag and accessories retailer takes pride in catering to you.

We are the finest and largest group of independent luxury outerwear retailers, throughout the United States, Canada and growing internationally.

Visit the fur retailer nearest you click here and find our selection of fur coats, fur jackets, fur trimmed coats, fur home decor, fur accessories, fur hats, fur capes, shearlings coats and jackets, leather coats and jackets, luxury outerwear, fine cloth coats, cashmere coats, fur trimmed cloth coats and much more as you will see from the list below.

Shop at over 50 of the finest specialty stores selling furs, shearlings, leather, handbags and accessories from the worlds finest designers.

Our independently owned store near you or online sells a broad range of furs for women as well as furs for men. Our fine leather collection has a broad spectrum of women's leathers as well as fine mans leather coats and jackets. We carry great luxury outerwear, handbag and accessories, home decor, men's and ladies shearlings.

Deal with confidence with our independently owned and operated dealer near you - enjoy the outstanding personal service you have earned.

We not only sell but also service what you have purchased at each respective store.
You can look to us for many such fur services, shearlings repairs, shearlings services, leather repairs and many other services such as:

Fur Trimmed Jacket
Service at its Finest
Online or at the respective store near you, where you will find the best place to purchase your furs, have them expertly serviced, repaired, restyled, conditioned and appraised, by renowned experts and master furriers.

Knowledgeable fashion consultants and on-site alterations are often at your disposal at a nominal charge.

Shop online or visit a location near you . Shop for any of the following and much more:

Fur coats, jackets and accessories Designer Furs Fashion Furs
  • Feraud furs
  • Eric gaskin furs
  • Natural furs
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  • designer furs
  • used furs

Men's Furs Shearlings / Sheepskin Outerwear Handbags & access.
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  • wool coats
  • rain coats
  • designer handbags
  • scarfs
  • cuffs
  • blankets

Browse and find our store locators and shop online or at any of the following brick and mortar thru this:

  • store directory
  • fur center
  • fur salon
  • fur store
  • furriers
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