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Fur Coats & Fur Jackets

There is no coat or jacket that makes you and those who care about you feel so special, beautiful and cared for - as our fur coats and fur jackets.

We have it all - fur coats, fur jackets, fur capes, fur trimmed coats, fur accessories, fur coats for men, furs for ladies, sheared furs, fur blankets as well as fur pillows.

"Why do I wear real fur?
Because it is voluptuous, sumptuous, very beautiful, very warm and very soft".

-Catherine Deneuve

"Fur is undoubtedly the number one fashion accessory this season. And I’m not just talking about a traditional coat. There is fur trim on sweaters, on coats, even on dresses.
There are fur hats and fur bags.

-Anna Wintour, Chief Editor, American Vogue

Visit us today and experience the luxury of fur, or shop online now and see the newest fur collections from around the world.

Our collection of fur coats and fur jackets range from:

Fox Fur Coats Mink Fur Coats Sable Fur Coats
Fox Fur Coats Mink Fur Coats Sable Fur Coats
Chinchilla Fur Coats Knit Fur Coats Photos of Fur Coats
As well as...
  - Beaver fur coats
  - Lynx fur coats
  - Raccoon fur coats
  - Persian fur coats
  - Coyote fur coats
  - Sheared fur coats
  - Rabbit fur coats
...and many other types of fur coats.
Knit Fur Coats

We feature a wide selection of fur fashions - categories are listed below:

Fur coats, jackets and accessories Designer Furs Fashion Furs
  • fur coats
  • fur jackets
  • fur hats
  • fur muffs
  • fur capes
  • fur vests
  • fur trims
  • fox fur coats
  • fox jackets
  • fox furs
  • lynx fur coats
  • mink fur coats
  • mink furs
  • mink fur jackets
  • sheared mink coats
  • sable fur coats
  • beaver coats
  • sheared beaver coats
  • rabbit fur coats
  • russian sable coats
  • Christia
  • alta moda
  • Glamour
  • fur fashion
  • designer furs
  • used furs

Men's Furs Shearlings / Sheepskin Outerwear Handbags & access.
  • men's fur coats
  • leather coats
  • leather jackets
  • men's leather coats
  • shearlings coats
  • shearlings jackets
  • Italian shearlings
  • shearlings sale
  • shearlings store
  • shearlings cleaning
  • men's shearlings
  • sheepskin jackets
  • luxury outerwear
  • winter outerwear
  • designer outerwear
  • cloth with fur
  • cashmere coats
  • fine coats
  • designer coats
  • wool coats
  • rain coats
  • designer handbags
  • scarfs
  • cuffs
  • blankets

We also offer on premise, the following after sale service for your fur coats or luxury outerwear:

All furs are ranch raised or government controlled and labeled to show country of origin.

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