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Fur Fashion Guide - Designer Furs
Fur, Shearling, Leather coats and Jackets - Whether you are looking for newly designed stylish fox fur coats or rather a classic sable fur coat or even money saving pre-owned used furs - we have it all. We carry only the finest fur coats and jackets and our dealers offer them both online and in-store. Shop for NEW, USED OR WHOLESALE!

Our new designer fur, shearlings & leather collections, are all available through our extensive catalog. You will find over 1000 luxury products - minks furs, sable coats, shearlings et al. at renowned prices.
Designer fur coats

If a new fur is not what you are looking for, you may want to visit www.estatefurs.com You will find an extensive collection of quality pre-owned furs as well as used fur coats, estate and vintage furs, each professionally inspected, appraised and offered online by established & trusted sources.

pre-owned furs

Our online catalogs offer a great assortment of interactive tools. View our fur coats & jackets in full rotation, zoom-in to get a closer look or get some fashion ideas via our online videos.
Fur Fashion Guide

Browse and find the store nearest you - shop online for the finest designer furs or at any of the established brick and mortar retail outlets thru our location guide: Store Directory

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You will find close to 1000 luxury outerwear products, an unparalleled selection at renowned online prices.
The finest selection of fur coats, leather, sheepskin coats & jackets - online or at a nearby speciality store
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