Plus Size

Our selection for you, the plus size woman or man, is extensive. we are experts in creating that magical fit.

Just as we would like to feel when we shop in other stores, we are committed to make you our guest, feel comfortable, at home and leave us feeling beautiful, happy and stunning!!!

When you make a purchase from us we guarantee your look and comfort.

Many of our collections are offered in sizes for the full figured women.

We invite you to select the coat of your dreams, in any fur, for casual or elegant wear.

Ask us about our made to measure "no extra charge" look and policy.

We hereby list some of the products and services, that many plus size women like you enjoy at the store nearest you click here and online:

Furs Designer furs Fashion furs Fur services
  • fur coats
  • fur jackets
  • fur hats
  • fur muffs
  • fur capes
  • fur vests
  • fur trims
  • mink coats
  • fox coats
  • fox jackets
  • fox furs
  • lynx coats
  • mink furs
  • mink fur jackets
  • sheared mink coats
  • sable fur coats
  • beaver coats
  • sheared
  • beaver coats
  • rabbit coats
  • alta moda
  • Glamour
  • fur fashion
  • designer furs
  • used furs
  • fur coat appraisal
  • fur restyling
  • fur coat repair
  • fur storage
  • fur cleaning
  • fur fashion coat
  • fur fashion guide
  • fur cleaning
  • fur conditioning
  • fur trade in
  • estate furs

Men's Shearlings Outerwear Handbags & Accessories
  • mans fur coats
  • leather coats
  • leather jackets
  • men's leather coats
  • shearling coats
  • shearling jackets
  • Italian shearlings
  • shearling sale
  • shearling store
  • shearling cleaning
  • men's shearlings
  • luxury outerwear
  • winter outerwear
  • designer outerwear
  • cloth with fur
  • cashmere coats
  • fine coats
  • designer coats
  • wool coats
  • rain coats
  • designer handbags
  • scarfs
  • cuffs
  • blankets
  • headbands

Browse and find our store locators, shop online or at any of the following brick and mortar through this:

  • store directory
  • fur center
  • fur salon
  • fur store
  • furriers

We assure your complete satisfaction!

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