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Your fur coat, fur jacket, fur cape, fur stole or even your fur collar are precious and can provide you with years of joy in their new form - visit us and we will inspect and tell you how.

Everything old is new again after the magic touch of the master furriers at a store near you!

You no longer love that exciting fur you bought five or twenty years ago? We can adjust or rework it into a more comfortable fur in a modified or a totally new style. Lowering the armhole of your fur coat or softening its shoulder will make a world of difference and an new updated look and feel.

We can restyle your dated fur into an impeccably tailored fur lined outerwear jacket, stroller or coat. We can even turn your fur into a contemporary vest, pillows or a family set of teddy bears.

A hidden treasure may be in your closet. Allow our furriers to custom design a special new look, created just for you. Ask about our free restyling clinics.

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